Elegant Hawaii Home with Perfect weather

North Kohala, Big Island of Hawaii Beautifully renovated, selling now for $637,700 It is a bittersweet fact of life in the Islands that many people here have family living elsewhere.  So, eventually, there may come a point where familial ties take precedence over life in paradise.Such is the case with the owners of the North […]

Some Very Cool Kohala Deals…

Ah! North Kohala is such a great community to live in.  The Hawi & Kapaau  homes here may not be quite as glamorous as some of the Kohala Coast resort properties we featured last week, but they’re comfortable.  They’re attainable.  In fact, here are our top three picks of North Kohala home sales that were […]

How To Spend The Perfect Day Off!

It’s a bright Sunday morning on the Big Island of Hawaii—sky blue, gentle breeze—and I’m delighted to have open schedule for the day….   So what to do?   No problem… I’ve got some inspiration filtering in…   Here’s my plan for the day: Catch up on all of my email, hand-write five thank-you notes to […]

Real Estate Eye Candy 2013

Everyone already knows about the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.  What’s even better is, some of the properties available here are every bit as stunning as the surf and sunsets that all of our residents can enjoy.  So here, for your viewing pleasure, are our top 3 picks for Big Island real estate sales […]