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Hawaii Classic Homes on the Big Island

The classic homes of Hawaii are both big and small—During the days of the sugar plantations, the Manager’s Home was often a large and stately structure on a large parcel of land.

Originally built in the late 1800’s, this has been beautifully restored with exceptional taste. Check out the new kitchen:

Not all of these classic homes come available for sale — but this amazing property has just been listed for sale.

Here is …

The ManKind Project is rocking Hawaii

How do you build a great community?

What are the elements that add to quality of life?

About 7 years ago I did a weekend initiation called the New Warrior Training Adventure put on the ManKind Project of Hawaii—and I would recommend it to any man.

The focus of the work is to sharpen a man’s personal mission & clarity-in-action in the world.